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Tango Video Call App A few months ago, Google made available the Hangouts app, replacing the classic Google Talk client. A quick installation and you’re ready to use a new way to communicate with your friends via video and voice. So, let’s see which are the best free Tango video call apps for Android. Here are the best apps for Google Tango to do the real thing. Check for yourself and let us know if you’ve used it! We did a deep dive into a few of the most interesting video-calling apps for Android. If you want to experience one for yourself, we highly recommend our in-depth walkthrough of the Tango app, including video quality, app features, app design, and more.

what is tango live random video call app

Tango will be one of the most popular video calling apps in the coming months, but the company has yet to give users the final details of the app’s launch. It’s likely to be released sometime in April, but the company didn’t specify when. Read more: This app is designed to help new parents keep an eye on their babies in the first month.

How to Download tango video call app

  1. To download the Tango app, you must first enable location services on your smartphone. You can do this by going to the Settings menu, then choose More and tap on Location Services.
  2. After you do that, search for Tango App or Tango Video Call in the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can download the app, once you find it.
  3. The app will then be downloaded on your smartphone. You must then log into Tango and it will then be the only app you have on your smartphone, if you download and install it using the instructions above.
  4. The app will then open and you can find the “Call” option. To use it, you must tap on the Call option and then on the video call button.
  5. Then, you can see a call option on the screen. Select the call option and the call will be initiated.

How to use tango video call app

Tango is a popular video chat app that works on Android and iPhone. When it comes to working on such a huge platform like Android or IOS, it’s hard to find a free version that meets your needs. But Tango video calls offer everything for free, and it makes this one of the best choices. The best part is, Tango uses its own servers to handle the video chat. So, you don’t need to install any specific app. This will work on all android and iOS devices without any troubles. Today I’m going to teach you how to use it on your iPhone and Android phones. It’s very easy to use Tango video call on your Android or iPhone.

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