In 10 years there won’t be any business so look closely and understand what the future will look like

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What industries will exist in 2025?
What occupations will not exist??

It is wrong to expect Nelama to continue like this, we have to do our best…!

Kodak (Photo) Company, which started in 1998, has put up one lakh and seventy thousand employees…!

Today there is no such company…! They never thought that printing a photo on white paper would become obsolete so soon.

What happened to the paper photo industry is what will happen to most industries in the next ten years!.

Where did all the PCO, STD & ISD budding from street to street go??

Electronic typewriter, pager, desktop computer, radio, tape recorder, VCR, Walkman, DVD player and so on. Gone are incandescent bulbs, tube lights, CFL bulbs and now LED bulbs.

Why? Why did you ask this?

Artificial Intelligence in technical terms. Simply put, software. This is the reason why it works more efficiently than the human brain.

For example…not even a wedding hall, ‘Bharat Matrimony’ conducts thousands of weddings every year…on commission…! Are you not..?

Uber is a simple software, not even owning a scooter, but today the biggest taxi service company in the world is flying its flag..!

How will this type of software tool affect the well-established industries?

Let’s give a good example for that: You have a legal problem…don’t know what to do…! what do you do Ask a good lawyer… Depending on the severity of the problem and his popularity, he will buy his fees from you..! Or not…!

Now, the same thing was given by a computer Challisa Senju? What is the problem with you? After typing a few lines, did the computer give you the correct details and probabilities for Section? Most of the lawyers in the country should put a towel on their head and go away…! The computer will clearly tell you about many successful cases that even the lawyer is not aware of.

IBM Watson is doing just that in America. If a lawyer can solve a legal problem at most 70%, this software gives 90% correct solution in seconds..!

Therefore, according to the calculation of the American Bar Council, in the next 10 years, 90% of the lawyers in the United States will disappear..! Who will they serve tea to in a shop where no one comes? This is just an example!!!!

Auditors jobs on website like cleartax, taxman!,

Doctors Job Ada app!,

Brokers job magic bricks, quickr, 99acres, website!,

Car sales on carwale, cars24 website!

As they provide free service.

With UBER OLA there is no need to own a car.

Shopping complexes are booming with online availability of everything from food to clothing.

After the arrival of Netflix, there are no moviegoers in theaters in Western countries.

Now even Indian local train tickets can be booked through UTS app.

More than 80% of all small things do not need to be controlled anymore. Only the sellers who are called ‘Subject Matter Experts’ can work anymore..!

By 2025, autonomous cars powered by satellite will hit the road.

The Google Automated Bicycle will go on sale in April 2023.

If only the result is successful… all direct and indirect industries related to the entire automotive industry will definitely be affected!.

This is the situation in next 10 years: No one will need to drive/buy a car. One thing called ‘Driving License’ is missing. Parking will not be a problem. If you want to go to an address.. from your cell.. a missed call.. no.. SMS…! In the next two minutes, a car will come in front of you. Samartha will take you to where you need to go and leave. You just pay this loan per kilometer. Shipping is faster and safer than ever before.

So what happens… 37% of the vehicles that sleep in the parking lot without frequent need will not exist. There will not be a single driver or taxi driver. We don’t even think about signal and traffic jam. ‘Accident’ is very funny. 17% of the land occupied only for ‘car parking’ in the city will be vacated. Global sales of motor heavy vehicles will drop by 90%. Up to 10 crore people will be employed.

Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Google control these driverless automatic cars

A company like Google is the master of all men. Now Google knows where you are and what you are doing. Google determines your thinking and the decisions you make.

Everything runs on electricity. Solar technology will account for 7% of global electricity generation in 30 years and will meet 25% of global electricity demand in 10-15 years.

Do you think that all this will not come easily to our town..? Change your thinking… Today most of the global companies are going to sell future products (Future Products) in the Asian market.. especially China & India. Cell phones have changed the situation that was once discovered a little late by them. 15 years of US profits were handed over to India by cell phone companies in 5 years. Will you ever let go??

Well, what industries will be affected next?

Mainly banking services called ‘Banking’. Have you heard of ‘BitCoin’? Or ask Google…! The world currency will be something like this in the next 10 years.

Then, the insurance plans called ‘Insurance’. It will take a total beating.

Real-estate (household) will change cleanly. The accumulation culture in the city will change and become a diffuse living condition. Green House hot vegetable food items are prepared at home.

Agriculture: 👇Farmers in rich countries today are managers who shepherd machines. This trouble will soon come to our town.

In other words, the pills will come as a substitute for food. Astronauts cannot defecate while in space. So for them the pill is the food.

Absorb the moisture in the air and drink water to quench your thirst.

An app called ‘Moodies’ will now scan your face and tell you what your mouth is. No one can deceive.

Right now, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri are working as servants, assistants, and secretaries.

Currently, the average life expectancy of humans is increasing by 3 months per year (the average life expectancy of 79 in 2012 is now 80). In 2036, humans will surely live more than 100 years.

Tricoder-X will hit the market next year. It works by sitting on your cell phone and scanning your eyes. Your blood sample will be tested. Your breath will analyze your ears. Whatever ailment in your body, in any corner and in any condition, it will tell you. Then what about jujube living for 100 years in 2035? Doctors don’t need to visit a clinic, you can do an Op-Treat online. Hospital for in-patient.

*Change is the only constant. We can only prepare ourselves to adapt to change.
Current courses may not help you to earn money after studying.

Advances will take place in the next decade at a faster rate than in the last hundred years.
**Let’s get ready to meet.
The future is not in our hands.
You say past and present


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