What is the significance of Ola electric two wheeler to be manufactured in Tamil Nadu?


India’s leading rental car service company has started booking for the sale of its electric two-wheelers.The world’s largest electric two-wheeler factory located in Tamil Nadu is said to be under construction.It has been hotly debated since it was announced that an electric two-wheeler can be booked for Rs 499. Ola claims that the price of the vehicle will be relatively lower than the electric motor currently on sale in the market.


But Ola has not yet announced the price reduction and has not yet announced when the vehicle will go on sale.They had posted a video of a black vehicle being driven by Pavish Agarwal, a car company.As it will be released soon Ola has mentioned on its website that Ola has started its sales activity on the basis of preference for those who have booked Ola has great facility to refund the booking

What is the significance of the Ola factory

The company has already announced that it will set up a factory on an area of about 500 acres in Krishnagiri district to manufacture 2 crore scooters and two-wheelers.A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth Rs 2,400 crore was signed between the Government of Tamil Nadu and OLA in December last year.Pavish Agarwal, a subsidiary of Pavish Agarwal, has announced that the world’s largest two-wheeler factory is in the early stages of construction.With an investment of Rs 2,400 crore, it is expected to employ about 10,000 people at the world’s largest two-wheeler factory in Krishnagiri district covering an area of 500 acres.

The Minister said that about two acres of land inside the factory is being maintained and maintained in an environmentally friendly manner and besides, a total of 10 acres of land will be afforested on the factory premises. Vehicles manufactured here Electric period battery manufactured here The factory produces an average of 2 kg with total construction work so that only one factory can produce 15 per cent of the world’s two-wheeler production.

The Ola Electric Company manufactured here is marketed as an electric motion scooter and motorcycle exported not only in India but also in other countries including Europe UK Latin America Asia Australia and New Zealand. About 3000 robots powered by artificially intelligent technology are used today in vehicle design and manufacturing works where India is set to set up state-of-the-art factories.It is expected that the motorcycle produced here in the next few months will feature the best design and the most battery life of its kind.


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