Powerful radar America attempt to monitor 36 thousand kilometers of space


The United States wants a major new radar system from Britain to monitor objects in remote space.The U.S. space force is developing a global system to identify potential targets up to 36,000 kilometers away in space, where a large number of military satellites are stationed.The new radar screen is safe, safe and capable of space, according to the UK Ministry of Defense.The move comes amid growing concerns about congestion in space and the reduction of weapons.Russia and China have been accused of developing weapons used to shoot down satellites.

Last year alone more than a thousand new satellites were launched into space, including 10 U.S. military enlistments.Advanced Radar Capacity Advance Development Program at the US Space and Missile Center.This is one of the sites visited by the British Secretary of Defense, the Treasurer and the British Army Commander, who traveled to California this week.US astronaut Colonel John Walker has told the BBC that the United States is in talks with Britain over placing Vader away from Scotland or further south.

It’s okay to observe this site for 10 to 15 years, but every four to six years for large satellites and transmitters, the site is said to cover about 1 square kilometer each.The Joker said the purpose of such an organization was to detect and monitor targets that could pose a threat to our high-value assets.The United States is already operating an early warning system to detect space ballistic missiles.But radar systems at the secret British Air Force base can only detect objects up to 20,000 kilometers away, the new RC system can still see from a distance.

Connell Walker says it can detect objects as large as a football 36,000 kilometers away.”Britain is now focusing on understanding what is going on in the dark corners of space,” British Air Force chief Michael Jackson said during a visit to the United States, pointing to the growing congestion and need for a quicker understanding of what competition is going on.Michael predicts that the next war will be not a victory but a loss, says the British Defense Ministry, which has announced that the government will launch an aerospace strategy in the fall.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said the new radar capability was “danger-free and safe and efficient in space and that it would assist in the security of our satellite system by detecting and monitoring objects”.


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