Aries horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You may find yourself in a moody or irritable state today, Aries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around and have a really great day. If you find yourself bristling over some small matter, take a step away, do some deep breathing, or just take a walk and enjoy the scenery around you. Do whatever you can to bring to mind all the good in your life, and remember that this moment is temporary. You may have some unresolved issues to deal with, so facing those now will also help bring you back to a happier state of mind.


Taurus horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
A positive message you receive today should leave you grinning from ear to ear. Whether this is about a job, money, good news from family, or anything else, it will set the tone for a marvelous day. Since the energy is so good for you now, Taurus, you should work on whatever it is that makes you feel the most joyful and fulfilled. The positive force of the universe is with you, and you need to capitalize on that. Good things are in store – and they will be even better if you start actively pushing for good things


Gemini horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
Although you may be very eager to wrap up an agreement or make some kind of a deal, this is not a good day to sign on the dotted line. There may be more information coming in that you have no idea about, and it could possibly sway your opinions. There might even be some new ideas being infused into the situation, and that may offer you even better options than you have now, Gemini. Don’t get so impatient that you wind up with less than you could have.


Cancer horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You may have decided that today is the day you will come to a conclusion on an offer or an opportunity that you are considering. But maybe this is just the beginning of the process, Moonchild. Maybe this is the time to think about a new area of options, rather than to limit yourself to the few that have already been presented. They may still be within the same realm and very good for you, but you may not have accessed them yet. Don’t be limited. Keep thinking of other possibilities, and you will find the perfect one.


Leo horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You may discover a shared passion with someone you already know well. You may have had many conversations with this individual and never knew the depth of their interest in something that also captivates you. This would be an extraordinary discovery that could lead you to an even deeper connection. You may even be able to learn more from each other, as you could each have mastery over different topics within this area. This could be the beginning of a great journey that will benefit you both, Leo.


Virgo horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You may be trying to learn something new from a book, from online research, or even in a classroom setting or seminar. But if you aren’t having much luck, or you are finding it a bit too confusing, you may need to get your “hands dirty” and actually apply what you are learning. You have a great mind, Virgo, but sometimes the act of getting in there and actually using what you are hearing is the best way to learn. It is also a good way to develop any skills you may need to achieve excellence.


Libra horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
Someone you may be dealing with is really good at talking the talk, but not so great at walking the walk. Perhaps they are bragging or boasting about their skills or talents because they are deeply insecure and afraid it will show if they don’t talk a good game. Rather than calling them out on their lack of skill or talent, though, try to encourage them to learn and to ask questions. This may be a great way to inspire them on to better things, Libra.


Scorpio horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You may be nervous about going into an interview or into some situation where you need an approval to get something you want. And when you are nervous, you might say or do things that you could later regret. But if you enter into this situation knowing this is possible, and you take the proper amount of time to figure out what you need to do for the best result, and you practice or envision that in your mind, Scorpio, then you will feel more confident – and that confidence will show.


Sagittarius horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You may find it hard to see someone else’s side of a discussion today, Sagittarius, but you should at least try. You may be trying to come to an agreement, but that won’t be possible if you don’t understand each other and don’t try to see where you are both coming from. Although it may be hard to figure out why they feel as they do, you need to ask any questions that come to mind to help you understand the other side, but also express whatever you are feeling so that they can see matters through your eyes. If you can do this – it can help immensely.


Capricorn horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
Your heart may be on your sleeve today, Capricorn, and your thoughts may be flowing in a stream-of-consciousness kind of way. This is rather unusual for you, and so you may need to be reminded to be careful of how you express yourself. Try to remain conscious of how your emotions are fluctuating, and try to think through and edit whatever you have to say before you open your mouth. If you don’t, you may reveal something that you don’t really want to express, or you may say things impulsively that aren’t fully formed. Just take it easy, and don’t rush any kind of communication.


Aquarius horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You have a tendency to keep to yourself for long periods of time when possible. It isn’t that you don’t like people or that you are antisocial in any way, Aquarius; you just have so much deep thinking to do, and you are so wonderfully independent, that you don’t really need anyone’s company most of the time. But now and then, it can be nice to spend some time with people who inspire you, motivate you, comfort you, and bring good vibes into your life. Is it time you should catch up with someone who makes you feel that way? Yes, it is.


Pisces horoscope for Tuesday Jul 13
You often come with some unusual and extraordinarily unique ideas, Pisces, and you may be searching for one now to solve a certain problem. But despite your natural gift for brainstorming, you may be coming up with nothing. There may be a block in your energy, but that’s probably only because you are putting too much pressure on yourself. You want to impress and please someone, and the harder you try, the more elusive those ideas become. Try to have fun with the process instead, and you will come up with something brilliant.


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