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Apple’s MagSafe power pack handled, can be reverse-charged by an iPhone

Apple’s  has already reached its first customers, one of whom, Steven Russel, posted photos and first impressions of the device.

Apple MagSafe battery pack on an iPhone with a white silicone case

It’s made out of hard plastic and is somewhat chunky. If you have plug a 20W adapter (or more) directly to the Battery Pack, it will be able to charge the MagSafe pack and the phone simultaneously.

With brown and blue silicone cases • No case

The pack sends 15W of power wirelessly to the phone while it’s connected and just 5W while used portably. It can be used to charge more than iPhones: it will work with AirPods (assuming you have ones with wireless charging support, of course). Unfortunately, it can’t charge an Apple Watch.

The MagSafe pack charging AirPods • Size comparison with a Mophie MagSafe battery pack

The MagSafe pack itself cannot be charged with a MagSafe connector or on a Qi charging pad. That said, the iPhone can actually charge the pack while connected to a charger.

The latest  update brings support for the MagSafe battery pack. It shows the correct icon when the pack is attached to the phone. Also, you can see the state of charge of the pack.

Using the MagSaffe power bank on: iOS 14.6 • iOS 14.7

Mr. Russel reports that the pack attaches quite firmly to the phone, thanks to the strong magnets inside. Someone already disassembled a pack, so here’s a look at those magnets:

Apple's MagSafe power pack handled, can be charged by an iPhone or over USB-C


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